Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grandma Chic

Oh deary me, once something strikes my fancy it's hard for me to let it drop. And what's got me daydreaming now is this idea of Grandparent chic for fall. It's a term made up between me & Jen (& I'm sure to spread fast) which goes beyond "vintage" to downright elderly. It's hard to explain in a way that makes it sound appealing, but imagine ladies playing bridge except turn them all into 20-somethings & give them much nicer, non-orthopedic shoes.

I've been searching & want to show some of my favorite things I've stumbled upon:

  1. Satin Short Gloves - I imagine them with a cocktail dress or just anytime I leave the house

  2. Glasses Leash - not just for librarians anymore

  3. Sweater Clip - I already bought 1 from Goodwill but I love the different length chains on this one

  4. Brooch - need I say more?


  1. I love this!! I'm digging Grandma chic!

  2. I'm leaving you some Monkey Bread info here cuz I can't get my email to work! I don't have a dough recipe, but I'm sure you could find one online. However....ANY store bought dough would work. Like the Pillsbury French bread or really anything like that. Some people use bisquit dough too!! Goodness you MUST make this, people will LOVE you. It's amazing and SO easy:) Let me know if you do!


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