Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Office 360

One of the silver linings to a turbulent beginning of the school year is the fact that I got to move into a new office! It has doors & windows, I've never had either of those before! And my old office has transformed into a workshop for my interns where they each have their own personal desk. Isn't that cute?I think a fresh start was exactly what I needed.

Would you like a tour?

And then there's this wall... The one that needs a little help...

The Colbert portrait is a must... but what do I do with the rest of it? And I don't have enough books for a full book case, so what else should I put on these shelves? Since my decor is already quirky with palm trees & peacock feathers, I feel like it's a fine line to cross over into just weird. Clutter of decorations would just push it over that line faster.

So what could go on this wall that completes the look of young, chic, free-spirited, & warm but still says "I'm a professional, damn it!"? Please give advice, folks!


  1. We really are in the same boat, aren't we? See, I have no problem with weird...or quirky. This from the person who has an R2D2 and Pinky (from Pinky and The Brain) next to my computer monitor. I would totally bring my Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien Centinnary poster in, but I used to have that up at work before and it's taking a beating, so I don't want it to get any more worn. Since I posted about my design issues, I put up a cool world map I got from a National Geographic a number of years ago. Your walls look like they need sprucing up (like mine do). I say go all out!!!! Who cares if it's weird. If anything seems like too much you can always take it down.

  2. If I at suggest, move the colbert portrait to the right of the window the you'll have more space above the bookcase for something more cohesive!

  3. oh i like Fleegal's suggestion! I can get my hands on a "hang in there" cat poster if you want to go that direction (and for the life of me I can't imagine who wouldn't)

  4. I like Fleegal's suggestion also. What about putting a mirror and fresh flowers (or a plant) on the bookshelf?


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