Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cat-Call Worthy

Alternate Title: Sexy Manifesto

I believe that from time to time you just need a night when you can look in the mirror & think "damn I look good". I believe it's a woman's right to be sexy... not to attract or impress anyone, just to give honor to that side of you. I believe that there is a time & a place for smokey eye makeup.  I believe that time is anytime, even if there's nowhere special to go. I believe you don't need a reason to feel good about looking good.

The other night I went out with friends for a celebration. The truth about how this started is that I hadn't showered, didn't WANT to shower, so instead I looked at my I've-seen-better-days hair & said "let's go with this". I added product to make even more of a bed-head mess, & then went on to charcoal eyeshadows. And it felt GOOD.

Then something strange happened. I felt awkward about uploading photos from that night... like I was embarrassed to post photos that say "Hey look at me, I'm hot". I'm not conceited, Lord knows I'm way to self-conscious to cross that line, but I should be allowed to feel good about looking good. So I will.


  1. Wolf whistling from here :) You DO look hot, so, hey, if you've got it, flaunt it! Feeling good about ourselves starts with accepting how we look, especially when we look all out awesome. I'm glad you captured the moment and that you were comfortable for at least for a moment to to put it out there for the world to admire!!

  2. I'm so glad you posted this. you are a fox! (and for the record, i hit on you that night - way before i saw any pictures)


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