Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 26

Back in my sorority days I spent a LOT of time volunteering. It was a community service sorority afterall, so that's pretty much all we did. My favorites were always the blood drives. It was so exciting I'd take the whole day off class! I just love medical stuff so carrying blood across the room or waiting for people to pass out is the BEST! It's a little sick, I know, but next time you give blood I guarantee there's someone like me just hoping you bite it. haha Sorry.

But sometimes we needed people to be less directly involved & go out to get some recruits. That person was our Blood Hound. You  put on the dog suit, walk around the Oak Grove, hand out lollipops & give hugs... for the cause of course.

That's me in the Blood Hound costume. Probably Fall of 2004. The mystery of the Blood Hound was so much fun, I'd hug friends & enemies who had no idea it was me inside. I remember a guy I was kind of seeing (who of course did NOT know I was in the Blood Hound) got a little bit fresh with me & I thought "Hey buddy! You don't know who's in this costume, it could be anyone. It could be a NUN. You're kind of a jerk & I don't like you anymore." So that was the end of that. But it didn't really matter, who needs college boys when you've got 30 sister to love ya!


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  1. That would be so awesome to see peoples true colors!! Hahaha. How fun!

  2. How cute, I love it! I bet you were a great blood hound :) I knew I wasn't paranoid that people at the blood bank want to see me pass out..... haha


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