Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Wedding Gift

Mark your calendars, it's the Month Of Love. Just this month three of my most wonderful friends are getting married to amazing people... two of which got married to each other this weekend! It was the first time in my life that I was equally close to the bride AND the groom, which made me twice as happy! And it's also the first of my guy friends to tie the knot... isn't that odd? It's always been my girlfriends' weddings so far, but funny how it's a totally different feeling to watch one of your guys become a husband.

Caitlyn & Denman's wedding was perfection... it was simple, lovely, & tons of fun. Here are a few photos I stole from friends:

Side Story: I almost broke my nose on the day of the wedding! I was trying to take my bicycle out of my car & something snagged the handlebar which made the other end of the handlebars WHACK! Everything went black & I almost vomited, but luckily no break & I still looked good on the dance floor that night.

I wanted to show you guys the gift I got for them... see it was a little difficult to decide because Denman & Caitlyn aren't like your normal couple. There was no Bed, Bath & Beyond registry, they're a little too down to earth to expect people to buy them a $30 toothbrush holder. So I wanted to get them something original that matched their personalities.

What I came up with was a little artwork... from one very non-artist to two very very talented artists:

If you're trying to figure out what the left piece says, it's "The Rookes est. 2010". I love a new family sharing the same name, it just feels so special & needs to be celebrated. And I made it myself!

The piece to the right is really just an added bonus that I'm not as sentimental about but it's practical. It was a download shared by How About Orange to plan dinners with dry-erase markers. It's not an original from me but I think they'll put it to good use. Frames are second hand.

Very sincere congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Rooke! You both know already how much I love ya' & I couldn't be any happier for you 2 & your brand new wonderful marriage!

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