Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Confessions on Obsession

Dear friends & readers & reader-friends, I have a few confessions that I'd like to own up to...

  1. I have an obsessive personality. It's rare that I ever just like something, if I like it I LOVE it & need to know everything about it.

  2. I google too much & can find anything. Seriously anything. It's borderline scary.

  3. I think celebrities are my friends. I love the celeb gossip trash a little too much, take tabloid breakups a little too personally, & crush a little too hard on gorgeous famous men.

  4. I need a life. I spend my time obsessing over very strange things that don't effect me or my life at all.

  5. I'm about to open up a big ol' can of crazy.

I just spent an embarrassingly large portion of my night on a mission to find the truth about this photo...

It would appear to be Matthew Morrison (aka Mr. Schuester from Glee) (aka Fabrizzo from Light in the Piazza) (aka gorgeous man that makes my heart go pitter-patter) making out with a dude. Noooooooooo!

Should I care? No. Does it matter if he claims to be straight & got busted? Nope. Does this effect me in any way whatsoever? Not at all. Am I just a little bit heartbroken? YOU BET.

So I did what I do best... I stalked him online until the truth was revealed. And the truth is: IT'S AN IMPOSTOR! That is not Matthew Morrison. Thank sweet little 8-lbs 2-oz newborn baby Jesus!

I should really be horrified & embarrassed to admit this is how I spend my time, but I'm comfortable enough in my crazy to elaborate even further... Thanks to the dlisted blog for breaking it down for me, they really took a lot of the detective work out of this & probably saved me hours. As you can see by their side-by-side comparison this could not be Matthew Morrison. The impostor lover-boy is missing a mole, has different earlobes & a different hairline.

And tonight I'll be able to sleep soundly knowing that even if I was the last woman on earth who would ever have a chance with a dreamboat like Matthew Morrison, at least I still have 1/2 the population beat because I am a woman & he doesn't like men. That makes me ranked at least at 50%.  *le sigh* Sweet dreams, fellow crazies who actually read through all this nonsense!

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  1. I wouldn't have you any other way! I love your cans of crazy!!


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