Monday, August 9, 2010

Lace & Buttons Headband

I had a special request from a special friend... make a headband to match her shoes for last weekend's wedding. Just another story about the Month of Love. (In case you didn't read yesterday, we are currently IN the month of love. I have declared it so, let it be written.) The inspiration: light blue sneakers with orange polka dots to go with a navy dress.

The supplies: I found the orange lace hem tape in the perfect shade, and I wanted to go with buttons to mimic the polka dots on the shoes. Once I found that big button with the flowers it all started to come together.

Not only would I do anything for Lena, and I enjoy being crafty, and it's the Month of Love... as if that weren't enough reasons to get into the project... I also just got a sewing box from Goodwill the other day that I was excited to put to use! And to my most pleasant surprise, it came fully stocked! Threads, needles, thimbles, measuring tapes, clasps, random old buttons, everything you could hope to find in a second-hand sewing box. I'm so excited!

Oh yeah, I tried curling my hair at the same time. It didn't turn out as well as I'd hope, BUT the headband DID. (stay tuned, when my hair grows out a little more I hope to be able to rock Marilyn-eque curls)

Here's what I did:

  • measured out the lace hem tape to the size of my head with the hair-tie connector loose

  • I used a piece of plain orange ribbon on the under side of my lace as my sewing base to attach  everything that needed to be sewed on

  • on one end I folded a triangle with lace & ribbon to attach a button as the clasp

  • sewed the hair-tie with a strip of ribbon on the other end to complete the clasp

  • pinned a long strip of ribbon lengthwise slightly offset from center where I would sew on all the decorative buttons & cut off the excess once I had them all sewn in place (you can hardly see the solid orange ribbon peeking though)




  1. That is the most adorable thing EVER!! I had no idea you were so crafty and creative! I cant wait to see a pic of her wearing it:) Seriously adorable piece!

  2. Iiiiiiiiii love it. My favorite hair accessory ever. Even better than the scarves I was wearing on my head.

  3. That headband is amazing! I love craft time and I vote we keep that up (I have some ideas)! And can I just say that the fact that this is LOVE MONTH and that I'm getting hitched in this month makes me so happy - I feel a little honored to be a part of that love-fest and keeping with the theme I just had to say how much I adore you!


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