Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seattle Bound

Tah-tah, friends! I'm heading on holiday to the west coast! Tomorrow's flashback will be the last you hear from me for an entire week! (Eeek! Can I handle a week without checking in? I'll have blog withdraw for sure.)

My wonderful friend, B-Stew, moved out to Washington to be one with nature & hug trees for a while (& calls it getting a masters degree). So I guess for the next few days I'll be hugging a few trees myself! The first 4 days I'll be out in the wilderness where she lives in the North Cascades, & then the last 2 days she's taking mercy on my city-girl soul & letting us run around Seattle.

My goals:

  • Don't get eaten by a bear or hungry hippy

  • Find the troll, gum wall, Lenin statue & other Seattle oddities

  • Visit every Nirvana memorial in existence

  • See the Pacific

When I get back the school year will start & I'll be in the midst of craziness, but I'll try to put that out of my head & just breathe deep the west coast air.


  1. Have a blast! It is gorgeous out there! I'd suggest going to the huge marketplace in Seattle too to watch them throw huge fish...and stop at the original starbucks there!

  2. and apparently my link didn't work. :\ Sorry.

  3. You have fun darling!! Watch out for those hippies:)

  4. The gum wall is at the top of my list! I'm so excited to see you. I've ben really missing Pittsburgh, hard-core. And you are one of the fabulous elements, one of my dearest friends, that make the city my home!

  5. one here knows me as "B-Stew," this could be dangerous. I'm so excited for you to come and visit me!! I'm even giving my evening program on Monday, so you'll be able to see that! See you tomorrow!


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