Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Birthday Vino

They say a little red wine is good for the heart. I say an afternoon of wine with the girls is the best thing for the heart... ever.

One of my most lovely friends, Emma, had a birthday this month & it's impossible not to celebrate the birth of a lady like that. (She also happens to be another main component of the Month of Love & is getting married in just 2 & 1/2 weeks!) But as much as this little day trip was for her, I think it did all 3 of us a world of good to take a day-cation with the girls to laugh & drink wines.

One of my favorite moments was the conversation to plan this, apparently the minds of Sarah & I work in strange ways but to good results. This was literally our thought process... Sarah: "What could we do that would be relaxing?" Me: "I don't know... Where could we find lemon trees?" "Ooo, the Mediterranean" "Yeah, where are there Italians? Near wine." haha What? I wish I could share more of my favorite moments of the day but they're really not appropriate for public reading. I'll just have to cherish them in private... & laugh out loud when I think of them... & make people uncomfortable about me laughing to myself.

The whole experience was SO lovely. Sampling wines, sharing fruit & cheeses, a delish fire grilled pizza, more wine, being waited on, the perfect weather & our umbrella shaded table. Lovely. I actually wish I could share where to have such a day for yourself, but I can't. It was just so special that we made a pact to never tell anyone else about it. It will remain our private little oasis. (ok let's be honest, there are only so many wineries in western PA, you could probably figure it out if you really wanted to. But I'll never tell.)


  1. Great food, great wine, good friends and a birthday. What could make for a better day? I'm going to have to go visit you and insist that you take me to your very special place :) Nice of me to invite myself, right?

  2. hahaha Anytime you're in Pittsburgh, it's a deal. :)

  3. Oh how fun is that?! You gals look like you had such a sweet time! I remember the days of hanging with my girls and drinking wine....now I'm covered in snot and spoiled milk and chowing on bits of string cheese in my car as I pass cute girls like you eating on patios in the summer:)

  4. This was the best birthday ever! I couldn't keep the location secret from Neil so I said it was "eh", to throw him off the trail - in hopes we'll always just have it to ourselves!! (he better not read your blog)


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