Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pittsburgh When It Sparkles

It looks like a postcard, doesn't it? Well it's not... it's the view from my neighborhood (right) & strolling across Smithfield St (left).

I'm so in love with my city right now. I guess it only takes a week of staying in bed with a cold to make you want to run through the streets. It was the 4th of July when I really started to notice HOW MUCH I'm infatuated with Pittsburgh... my old college boyfriend showed up to the party I was at even though he lives in VA & we got to talking about places to live & I almost couldn't control my gushing. It borderelined on smug... which I'm ok with. One should always be a little smug when chatting with ex's. Whether it's the "I look too fabulous for you" dress or "my city is better than yours" or the "I'm a grown ass woman who doesn't need you" purse... but I digress...

I wanted to share some summer highlights from around town. They're not all recent (again with the cold... I haven't been up to any adventures in a while) but it's a little look at how I've been spending my summer in the city.

Arts Fest & Ingrid Michelson concert (Ingrid's in the blue... top left)

Nighttime on the Roof in Southside...

Birthday parties, fire pits, harvesting bees, & matching t-shirts...

I'll be the first to admit that come winter I'll be wishing I was ANYwhere else in the world, but for now I love Pittsburgh Summers.


  1. Wow, I never knew Pittsburg was such a cool place! It makes me miss Boston seeing pics of the city. Houston looks nothing like the big cities in the Northeast...sigh. Great pics L)

  2. Ah Pittsburgh, how I love thee.


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