Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Little Vay-Cay

It's time for a long weekend trip... time to get away... time to enjoy a few business days not in the office... time to roadtrip with friends... time for new adventures... time for VACATION.

4 days, 5 friends, 1 giant playground!

Ready for me to admit something completely embarrassing? The catalyst for this whole trip actually started as celebrity-crush stalking. Shameful, I know. Tink & I wanted to see Matthew Morrison (aka Mr. Sheuster from Glee... go ahead & judge me) in the show "Light in the Piazza". No he's not currently on Broadway... but the NY Library has it on film. Yes it's true, we were going to NYC to sit in the library. haha I know.

But it's evolved into a much cooler trip. We'll be seeing a live show too, going to Brooklyn to hang out with the hipsters (Mark's request), getting manicures & pedicures (Joanna's request), & whatever else we feel like! We've got a lot of open time to just do whatevs. And since we've all been before there's none of the obligatory tourist sites, we can get more into real New York. That's more my style anyway... I hate touristy vacations, I want normal life in a new location & without work. Perfect!

I've got a dogsitter, still need to pack, & tomorrow morning I'm off! I've scheduled a New York flashback friday, but you probably won't be hearing from me until at least Monday. Love you all, take care!

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  1. Enjoy the vay-cay! I was supposed to be in NYC this weekend for my friend's wedding reception, but alas, my airline miles wouldn't cover it. BOO! Have FUN!!


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