Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peacock Tattoo: Phase 2

Owww. Phase 2 of my newest tattoo is done & I am officially a wimp. The outline was an hour, this session was another 2 hours, & we have 1 more to go. I'm not entirely sure I can hack it. This is my 8th tattoo so you'd think I'd be used to this, but it's also the largest by far & maybe the lower back is just sensitive. There's a definitive line where the pain isn't so bad above it but KILLS below. And unfortunately most of my peacock falls below that line.

But it's gorgeous!

Totally worth it (in the long run, not necessarily while it happens or is healing). Justin does amazing work. Seriously, zoom in on that photo & just look at the difference in quality, it's unreal!

I think I'd like to start sharing my tattoo stories one by one. But since this is your last look at the 2 that are covered up I better start now!

Purple Flower: I got this on my 18th birthday. Didn't tell my parents, just took a friend & picked a pretty little flower off the wall. When I got home my mom looked at me & said "Let me see it." How does she know these things?! I even asked, see what? "Your tattoo." Not even a shot in that dark, I could have gotten any number of piercings as a sign of my rebellion, or bought cigarettes, but she knew I got ink. She wasn't mad, neither was Dad after a few weeks.

Feather: My first peacock is a friend tattoo from about 2 years ago... Fleegal & Sama both have peacock feathers too, we got them at the same time. And had it turned out better I wouldn't have this giant beast of a peacock on my back right now. But I looooove it so it's all ok. It's probably silly to cover a peacock with another peacock but I wanted the same symbol just executed better.

3 down... 5 to go...

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