Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Good & The Bad


Well I'm not doing a whole lot of "Shaping Up" with Aly, but I'm doing pretty darn good on the "Loving Lauren" plan. I didn't meet my running goals (or even try them, to be honest) nor the spinach goals. BUT there were some good things worth mentioning...

  1. I swam twice this week. Not laps, just recreational, but it was still good exercise

  2. That means I was in a bathing suit in front of people TWICE this week. And I must say, I did it with confidence even in mixed company. I'm pretty proud of that.

  3. I did major amounts of laundry so now all my workout clothes are looking pretty & begging me to use them

  4. I faced the scale... & it wasn't so bad. I'm not sure where I got this idea that I'm spiraling out of control & exploding right in front of my own eyes, but I'm apparently not. Maybe it's just because I'm not running & don't feel as good, but I'm only 3 lbs heavier than my last run 2 months ago. 3 lbs? Pshhhhh...

But not everything went perfectly

  • Get-Go Cookies... YOU'RE ON NOTICE! Why do you have to be so delicious? You're just gas station cookies, who do you think you are being so buttery & soft? HUH? Are you laced with crack, is that why I can't resist your charms? Well enough is enough! Forget on notice, you're DEAD TO ME. And there's no coming back from that list.

While I'm at it, I'd like to update a few other folks who made it on my list:

  • Kia, there's no need for you to be parked at the TOP of my driveway. There are 3 spots at the bottom for your use & mine, but when you park at the top no one can go in or out. Except you. And what makes you do special, Kia? I don't care if you're newer or cleaner than my Altima, we will NOT be treated like second class citizens of this driveway!

  • To my upstairs neighbors, you need to CALM DOWN about the laundry. If my load finished while I'm at the store, you don't have permission to remove it. I think the courtesy rule is a business day. If you come back tomorrow & it's still there, or check in the morning & it's still there after work, FINE . But that's never gonna happen, so you need to chill with all your hostility & laundry aggression. (Not to mention you left clothes in the drier for 3 days the first week I lived there & I was patient... just saying)

I don't have shape-up goals for this week except for this one: Make good decisions.


  1. Loving Lauren is even BETTER than shaping up with me :) You're even better since you are on top of it! I decided to change my Shape Up! days to Thursdays for no reason other than I can be lazy and post Wordless Wednesdays. HOORAY for swimming, recreational or not AND for being happy with the bathing suited you. I'm generally numb to my swimsuit appearance, except on the days where the moms who are younger and thinner than me show up at the pool, then I feel crappy, which in fact, should be additional motivation. 3 lbs with no running? Like you said...psh, you can get rid of that in no time!

  2. I'm glad French Spellings are still "On Notice."


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