Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NYC Vay-Cay: Day 3

A final post about New York Stories...

Our 2nd day in the city was a little more structured & less make it up as we go... we had shows to see & dinner reservations to keep. We also started the day a little later, thank goodness. Tink, Mark & I got in around 11, wandered Times Square for a few minutes & then we split... Tink & I had to see "Light in the Piazza" at the library archives & oddly no one else wanted to spend their day in a library to watch our celebrity crush fake an Italian accent. Hmm... weird. The rest of the group met up & took a tour of the NBC studios.

Light in the Piazza... amazing. Matthew Morrison (aka Fabrizzo)... dreamboat. I won't lie, both Tink & I were a little flushed after that show. Mmmmmmmm.

Tink & I spent the afternoon just wandering down Broadway (about 20 blocks worth) & seeing whatever we stumbled upon. Things like boa constrictors & the naked cowboy. Dinner reservations were back in the West Village right near the theater for our show reservations, we got to spend some time with Joanna's aunt & uncle hearing NY stories. The beer selection was great too.

Thank goodness for that beer selection, it took the edge off the show we saw next. Ugh. "Fuerza Bruta". Tink loved it, I thought it was the worst. I don't even know the words to describe it other than "they must be joking...." Some guy running, the DJ playing techno & spraying the crowd with a hose, people running on the walls, & people in a suspended pool just flopping & sliding everywhere. This is theater? Can I watch "Light in the Piazza" again? P-p-please?

And that was about it. We walked around the village a little longer & headed back. This trip was pretty close to perfection, to just wander & see what there is to see in a new place. Get to know the city a little more & spend 4 days with good friends.

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