Friday, July 23, 2010

Memory Jar

Ready for me to finally talk about something else, anything else, than New York? Well, TOO BAD. heh Sorry, I've got 1 more post before I drop it.

I was searching online a while ago for vacation gift ideas. I wanted to make something for my girls that tracked the adventures we've had together & ended up going with these maps, but I also stumbled across an idea I kept for myself. Memory Jars.

Of course Martha has a solution for everything, bless her heart.  But I'm not sure why I feel like like I can do anything as good as she does, that's just ridiculous. But off to the Goodwill I went anyway, got some jars, saved random items from NYC, even stopped in some tacky souvenirs shop on Broadway to get my little jar stocked. Less than $10 to create a mini New York City in a bottle. But learn from my mistakes... get WIDE MOUTH bottles unless you're exceptionally skilled with using knitting needles like chopsticks. And don't expect it to look like Martha's jars... it just plain won't. I'm hoping that once I build up a collection they'll look a little less summer-camp-crafty.

In my jar: postcard skyline cut out, mini Liberty magnet, subway map, metro card, admissions pin for the Met.

Next I'll have Seattle sitting beside it, then I'll back track & get San Antonio stuff from my brother, & eventually (2012) I'll even be able to add Tel Aviv & Jeruselem. I hope to collect a whole shelf of the places I've loved & revisit over & over in my memory.

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