Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 22

Last night my babies graduated. My 4th class of students & the first time I didn't cry. This is the sad part of working with high school seniors, there's no "next year" to see them hanging around the hallways. They go. And I always worry... What if they're not ready? What if there's more I should have taught them? What if there's no one in their life to help them? But on graduation night I also get to see my past students who come to cheer on younger brothers & cousins, & I get to see that my babies are just fine.

See, sometimes I'm probably the odd girl out among the circle of Momma bloggers (it's funny how about 1/2 the blogs I swap comments with are the Mommas, not sure how that happened)... I don't have photos of cute baby cub-cheeks, & I don't have a husband to tease, & you guys probably don't care about my campfires or single girl escapades... BUT the truth is that I've got 43 kids. And I love each & every one of them. I've seen them grow up, learn new things, have struggles, have really special moments, & move on to the next stage. I'm a lucky lady.

Ok Lauren, where's your flashback already?

Well since I can't really post student pictures, although I'd LOVE to show you my kids in their cap & gowns, you'll have to settle for ME. Here's my high school graduation.... straight from the scrapbook.


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  1. I had no idea that you worked at a high school. I can imagine though, that saying goodbye to the seniors at the end of every year would be heartbreaking. I know the empty feeling that I get, when I think about friends that I haven't seen since high school, so I would imagine its a lot like that, only, multiplied, and all at once?

  2. I had no idea either! What do you teach? It must be both fun (OK, well sometimes fun...they are teenagers afterall!) and sad when they graduate. I love your grad pics. It reminds me of mine. One of these days I'll get around to posting some of mine.

  3. I was a high school teacher before I became a stay at home mom. But before I had my actual babies, my students were most definitely my "babies" too. I miss it very much and I have every intention of returning when my youngest (whoever that may be) is in school.

    Anyways, I'm Lacey. Nice "meeting" you. I'm stopping by from Flashback Friday.

  4. How sweet, that is too cute that you cry when your students graduate...well, until this one! you must really love them! I used to teach as well before i started staying home with my baby! its a great career :) Love your flashback photo's, so fun!


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