Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bike Guilt

I have a heavy cloud of guilt hovering over my conscience right now... I've been neglectful, unappreciative, & rude to someone in my life: Blue, my bicycle. I got Blue last summer & hardly spent a day without him, but then the leaves changed & air chilled like it does in Pittsburgh & Blue was retired.

Guilt #1: My memory is a liar. I could have sworn I stored Blue safely under the roof of our deck to protect him from the weather, but I didn't. The poor bike sat out in the weather all winter long & got horribly rusty. I'm sorry, Blue! I never even go back to our patio or I would have known & saved him, really.

Guilt #2: I had big plans for a Blue makeover. I figured I'd need a hobby in the Spring & wanted to give Blue a citrus look... lemon & grapefruit with just a splash here & there of lime & orange. But then when Blue was in such bad condition I didn't even bother. Plus with my house I was just in survival mode, no time for bike makeovers.

Guilt #3: I still haven't fixed him up. I'm so SO sorry, my Blue! Moving to Mt. Washington means a bike isn't very practical anyway... I'd have to take him on the incline to get to level ground... but since when are relationships supposed to be practical? He's treated me well & I've not returned the favor.

Remember our night rides through the city? Remember our early morning commute & the look on coworkers faces? Remember Saturdays at the market & then lunch at the fountain? Yeah.. me too. I'm a bad bad bike owner & it ends today. I was just visiting with Kyla's blog & she posted nail polish colors that are exactly what I envisioned for my Blue & it stabbed me in the heart.

TODAY I am taking my bike to the shop to assess the damage. I will restore Blue to his original glory & we'll ride this city together again. And this is the last time I take my old friend for granted... I just hope he can forgive me.

You're my boy, Blue!

Update: My boy is now in the loving hands of Thick Bikes. They remembered Blue from last summer & had a sympathetic tone (& melt-me blue eyes) so I feel confident they'll take care of my baby.

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  1. Awww, I know how you feel kind of... my old bike is actually named Blue (he's a Novara mountain bike) and is completely rusted out. I'd like to see if I can get him fixed too so I can attempt to do some mountain biking in the future!

    Good luck.


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