Monday, June 28, 2010

My Job

I was a little surprised after my Flashback Friday about graduation how many people mentioned they didn't know I worked in a high school. I guess I never really mentioned it, huh? I tell you what I'm up to, my thoughts on things, even my struggles, but I forget to tell you some of the basics about me. I'm sorry, let's get to know eachother better!

I do work at a high school... a charter high school that was established by the Boys & Girls Clubs. Their goal is to prepare students for their careers in whatever path that needs... unlike my high school that's pretty much college or bust. Here you can totally get a college prep track, but you can also be prepared to apprentice for skilled trades, or learn things like resume writing & goal setting. It's not a one-size-fits-all environment.

Me personally, I run a program that focuses on entrepreneurship. It's interesting to look at the people who become successful entrepreneurs... they're not your straight A students who respond well to authority. It's more your stubborn kids who insist that you can't tell them what to do... & they end up carving out their own path. It's awesome. And challenging. To be an authority figure while teaching them they can be their own authority figure is a dicey balance, but I've really enjoyed my 4 years here. Ok I didn't at first... in fact I called my Mom everyday crying. I'm not a teacher nor an entrepreneur... I was a media major! But I learned the art of dealing with teen angst & now almost relish the challenge of their most extreme angsty days & my ability to neutralize it.

On another note, my friend Justin is going to look at that top image & say "Hey, that's been my status message all week!" It is, I blatantly stole his inspiration. But in my defense, I do tell me kids at the end of each year to go watch "Office Space" now that they've spent a year in an office setting. "PC Load Letter? What the eff does that mean?!"

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