Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I loves me some Photoshop

Not to brag, but... damn I'm good.

Actually I'm NOT that good, which why when my intermediate talent is successful at something I get a LOT of pride from it. B-Stew asked me to help make a poster for the lecture she's teaching... take a photo from the North Cascades & turn it into an Avatar knock-off. No problem... except for the photo is in broad daylight! You got it.

Yep, I'm that good. (somedays)

Her final poster has room for logos & information, this is just the base image. But I'm pretty proud of what a little photoshop can do. I'm especially proud of the blue tones in the water to make the lighting look more realistic.


  1. ummm can we get a holla for my wedding invites as well!!! I've gotten so many phone calls and comments on them and that's not the norm for an invite. You are a design master m'lady! I love you!!

  2. Wow girl! Seriously awesome! I have been wanting to dabble in photoshop for so long now, but I'm a little scared. So far I do my photo editing with Picnik and it's good, but amature. I just don't know anything about photo shop! Do you have any advice? Is it expensive to download? Hard to navigate? Ps-I'm totally going to use your following tutorial you sent me I swear! Just getting through this dreadful vacation first:) Thanks for your sweet advice lady!

  3. That's pretty great. :)

    I would make the background darker than the foreground, but that is a hard task when you have so much direct sunlight hitting that ridge there. Well done with what you were given.

    I wanna see the wedding invite!


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