Sunday, June 13, 2010

Golf Fashion

There are only 2 nights where you'll find me in a state of panic conducting emergency fashion shows: 1) if I'm seeing an ex-boyfriend & need to a dress to make me look 30 lbs. thinner (likely...), and 2) the night before the annual golf tournament fundraiser. But I've learned the best thing about blogging is the opportunity to really process things visually & verbally. So welcome to my annual wardrobe melt-down.

The Goal: Find an outfit that communicates....

  1. I belong here. Even among you ridiculously wealthy old men & even though I've only played golf once in my 26 years, I will own this place.

  2. I'm a professional, damn it. I'm not your "doll" or "sweetheart", I won't fetch you anything, & you should actually shake my hand instead of squeezing my fingertips.

  3. Ladies don't sweat. (I know it's a lie, but I can aim high) I don't care if you're sweating your golf balls off, I want to look cool as a cucumber.

I can play up the details with accessories but it's the basics that generally throw me when it comes to my golf wardrobe. Should I wear a collar? How long do my shorts need to be? Is it ok to shed layers while I'm sitting at the same hole all day? I just don't know. So I tried on a couple options & started snapping photos to help me make up my mind. (without makeup, fixing my hair, or evaluating my background... rookie  mistakes)

Right now I'm torn between the purple cardigan (except with the shorts from photo #4), & the white company-logo shirt outfit. To be honest I pretty much hate them all. *sigh* At least I'll be packing a bag to change for cocktails afterwards & I'll be back to ME... comfortable & confident.

If only I had one of these on hand, all this would be moot. Heck, for one of these I might even pick up a club & give golf a shot.


  1. Purple cardigan! The white plo looks too need a little bit of sophistication!

  2. Ps I also like the yellow

  3. See, I was totally going to say yellow with the plaid. It is very sunny, you look great (well, you look great in them all) and it's very "golfy" :) Of course, I don't golf and if I did, I'd likely hit the course in my X-Men t-shirt and khaki capris. Of course, I might not be let out on the course either!


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