Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 20

Last  I hungt out with my old roommates at Arts Fest, one of which I haven't seen since we moved out. Listening to the Ingrid Michelson show got me reminiscing about the Bellevue house & my old roomie. She was the one who introduced me to Ingrid's music back when I could never remember her name. Gretchen Michaels, right? That was my first real home in Pittsburgh & where I really grew my roots. It's funny, we went so blindly into that situation... we didn't even meet or see the house until we met with the landlord to get keys... & it worked out great for 3 years.

This is us at my favorite bar in Pittsburgh. Allow me to point out some of my favorite parts of the photo:

(Time out... can I just stop & point out that DAMN I look good here? New goal: get back to THAT look b/c it worked. Except the teeth thing, my face just doesn't do that but I wanted to be Marilyn.)

Bar11 is known for it's toys, candy necklaces, highlighters that glow in blacklight, fire breathers & seasonal chaos. I remember almost every Sunday my first year or so in Pittsburgh I'd sit in church trying to rub off the highlighter marks from the night before & toys would spill out from my purse when I'd reach for my offering. haha Good times.

That reminds me of something else, my life would be wildly different is my roomie didn't go to Hot Metal (my church) b/c I sure didn't go anywhere at that point. To be honest I was drowning & that church was my lifeline... & I would have never even known it existed.

All things end though & we parted ways about a year ago, but I'll always think of my 3 years at the Bellevue house with a smile.. & then a laugh.. & then an eye-roll & another smile.


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  1. Ah..those were the days :) Sadly, my days like that are FAR behind! You're right, you do look adorable...but then again, you still do. You look so tan and bright and sunny.

  2. Ahahaahalha, the tooth caption made me laugh. I wouldn't have even noticed your teeth in the picture, haha. And you DO look really good in that picture. Maybe you're not aware of this though... you look good in pretty much every picture.


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