Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Love Affair

For the people we love we will....

  • put them first

  • give up time

  • want the best for them

  • tell them regularly that they're loved

  • go out of your way

  • sacrifice

Well I'm entering a new love affair... with myself. And I'm willing to do all of the above for me for a change. This isn't necessarily about weight loss goals, it's more along the lines of loving me & treating me right goals.


Things are best when you don't go at it alone, so I'm linking up with blog buddy Alyssa over at "AlyGatr's Everywhere".

I'll start out small this week because it's surprising how quickly something intended for good turns in to failure & self-loathing... neither of which are on the Loving Lauren plan. So this week's goals are:

  • Run 3 times before the next shape-up post on Wednesdays

  • Finish the spinach in the fridge before it spoils

  • Wear big earrings, they bring confidence


  1. YAY! I'm glad you're hooking up...and that you are taking time to put YOU first. WOO HOO, I'll be rooting you on and there with you in spirit as you run. Ah, spoiling spinach...the bane of my existence. That and wilting lettuce!

  2. Make spinach pesto! And run by my house and drag me running!

  3. Nice idea - I, for one, always manage to put myself last. Unless we're talking about the Beat Somebody Up list - I'm always first on that one.

    Great week 1 goals too. I'm definitely going to try the big earring thing. They burn more calories than the small ones, right?


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