Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 16

A Mother's Day flashback. Anyone wanna guess the year on this? Judging by the outfits, knowing that's probably a few years behind with my family, & trying to guess my age.... (let's see... short hair, starting to get boobs, no hips...) I'd say 1996?

If I remember this correctly, we're singing at my Grandparents' church for a Mother-Daughter Luncheon. That was before I acknowledged the fact that I cannot sing & before my Mom had the heart to let me in on that little secret. My Dad didn't mind letting me know though. It's a shame, all the other Wolcott women can carry a tune & harmonize, alas my glory is only revealed on a karaoke stage where it's ok to suck. Real bad.

I will give myself credit for one thing... CHECK OUT MY GAMS!!! For an awkward 12 year old girl with bad hair & an embroidered t-shirt, I've sure got some killer legs! Oh and try not to be jealous of that Precious Moments photo op, we can't all be that lucky. Sorry.


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  1. Funny post! I just found your blog from Christopher and Tia and its really good :)

    I remember the day I realized that I couldn't sing. My mom never told me, so I went about thinking I was good. Then, I tried out for high school "Select Choir." Yeah, they didn't have a problem telling me how bad I was.

  2. Haha!! I was getting a little green with envy looking at you next to that Precious Moments stand!! Great flashback! Have a great weekend:)

  3. YES! You're standing next to a big cardboard precious moments statue. That is the best! And seriously, you look so different in all of your pictures, I can never tell its you, haha.

  4. oh my! it's hard to tell that is even you! wonder what your shirt says?.. hehe


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