Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Eat Chocolate

This blog is a how to....

How to eat chocolate with maximum satisfaction:

  1. Have friends who show love through food & buy fancy chocolates to share (thanks, Mark!)

  2. Sequence is important. Begin with smooth, rich flavors that are a fail-safe

  3. Also have friends who are expressive. It helps to vocalize HOW GOOD this chocolate is.

  4. Eat new, adventurous flavors in between your favorites. May I recommend our recent discovery of chocolate with chunks of sea salt. Chili is also an intriguing addition to chocolate (as well as an aphrodisiac... meow! I mean that's just what I hear... from the movie Chocolat)

  5. End with refreshing flavors that neutralize the pallet & leave you satisfied with your chocolate adventure.

  6. Write a blog about it as if your readers actually needed help enjoying their chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. i just want to state for the record that: i am a self-certified 'friend who shows love through food.' oftentimes this results in dutch babies, ice-cream bon bons, cake balls, donuts or a diet coke aka 'the DC'. sometimes i think 'if only i could be a GOOD friend who shows love through food.. maybe that would result in granola bars, fruit, mixed nuts and a diet coke.' but i'm not a good friend. oh well.


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