Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Color My World

I've always hated getting-to-know-you questions like your favorite color. First of all it's always changing, second of all that's not going to give you any insight to knowing me anyway.

Or is it?

My latest color craving (& by latest I mean the past full year) has been yellow & gray. It makes me smile. Every time. It's funny because I've never had a color or pallet that I've been so particular toward, but after 26 years I've found my colors.  And as per usual, I was wrong... there are things about yellow & gray that will help you to know me.

I've never been drawn to either yellow or gray on their own. I would never decorate in just yellow... it's a level of perky that would bring me nausea. Neither would I decorate in gray... I'm pretty sure it would suck all joy from my life & I'd watch it disappear into the haze of void gray. It's the combination, the balance of it that's so appealing. It's the new yin & yang. Extremes that create harmony... my mind equates them to summer & winter, like what it would be like to be both at once. But only the best of both.

My life is always a little yellow & gray. It just varies as to which is dominant, but they're both always there. This past year I've been so deeply unhappy at home, very gray, but the time I've spent with friends have been some of the best moment of my life. Bright as the sun yellow moments. And as sure as I switched the balance, I can see it regain equilibrium... I have  so much more home peace living on my own, but I feel a gray hanging out in the corner of my mind. I don't know what it is, just a general melancholy that's to be expected from time to time, but it's there.

There's beauty in the balance.

I've unintentionally surrounded myself in yellow in gray because it apparently makes my heart happy. I didn't even notice until I got an email newsletter today that I admired for matching my gmail color theme so perfectly! But it's everywhere... my email, my flahback friday banner, I even daydream of the perfect little elopement with yellow shoes & a man in gray. (don't judge, you know all single girls save dream wedding photos from time to time & I'll call shenanigans on anyone who says otherwise! My dream wedding just happens to be a dream elopement.)

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  1. You know, I never would have thought of putting gray and yellow together. At first glance, I thought "hmm, I don't know about that", but seeing the things you put together that are a mix of both colors, I can see the possibilities. I really like the gray and yellow wedding invites :) Good choice!!


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