Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photoshop on Crappy Days

It's a bad day to blog, I left work because I wasn't feeling well & now type from my cozy bed where I'll finish up what work I can. I was so relieved when Chana said she wasn't feeling anything to blog about either, but she still produced a lovely little read about NOT wanting to do it. So if she can do it then, damn it, so can I. Luckily another blog buddy, Aly, offered some inspiration to get this moving. The mission: play around in photoshop & post it.

I didn't actually do this today, but I love photoshop & try to learn new things all the time so I already had these laying around. Here are my before & afters:

I turned my Blanche Devereux inspired look into gritty & fierce. I also like how the contrast brought out my mole... very Marilyn-esque.

I also want to post a photo I'd never want to touch up...

That's my friend in the midst of catching bees. (Oh I never did blog about that, did I? I promise I will...) I was just walking back with my pizza & snapped this without thinking, & the light turned out AWESOME. So there we have it... a blog when I feel like crap, with a little help from my friends.


  1. I envy your Photoshop. One of these days I'll fork over for the "real thing". In the meantime, I make due with Photoscape because it's FREE baby! I LOOOOOVVVEEE what you did in the first photo. That is just so cool. You look like a big movie star trying to outrun the paparazzi :)

    I'm glad I gave you something to blog about on a crappy blogging day!

  2. Hello!! Look at you giving me and my un-inspired-ness a little plug! You are just too cute! And you DID end up with a worthwhile post too! I love the work you did with photoshop. I use Pickik because I'm scared to death of photoshop! Everytime to go to download it....I "X" out and run because I just think it will be too over my head and it's for "real" photographers! You seem to have a great handle on it! Beautiful girl!


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