Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 12

Since I'm in FL it seems appropriate to flashback to another FL time.

My first real grown-up vacation was a trip to Jupiter, FL with my roommate at the time. Of course we're both drowning in student loans so we didn't have much to spend, which created transportation problems. Renting a car was way too expensive for us. So here was our voyage...

  • fly to Ft. Lauderdale

  • shuttle to the train station

  • train north to West Palm Beach

  • taxi for the last 10 miles to Jupiter

We got there no problem (ok a little problem with the taxi driver, but whatevs). Now the fun part... how to we get around Jupiter? It's a little residential town so it's not like there were a lot of options. We had to rent bikes... except I didn't know how to ride a bike! You know how they say you never forget? "It's like riding a bike..." Lies. You can TOTALLY forget. So we ended up getting this ridiculous tandem that got us to & from the beach every day.

It was perfect.

Side story: I had just dyed my hair from platinum blonde to auburn & apparently the sun didn't like that very much. Orange hair. Nice, right?


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  1. Ha! I love stories of the tandem bike! Wish we had been able to get one....but then we would definately have been run over!

  2. Wolcott - i love that you are totally handling that tandem bike alone in that picture! way to rock it girl!


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