Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 11

Yesterday: a high of 76 degrees.

Today: 81 degrees.

Tomorrow: 80 degrees.

I want to lay out in sunshine! I want to wear sunglasses that are way too big. I want to swim in a lake. I want to play games in the park without shoes on. I want to show my shoulders. I want to build a bonfire. I want to eat Italian ice. I want to sit on a porch till all hours of the night.

I. Love. Summer.

I love that this will be the longest summer I've ever seen... it's been "summer like" with dashes of cooler spring mixed in for over a month now with no signs of leaving.

I want teal shorts like my mom's. I want to go to amusement parks. I want summer to last forever.


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  1. It was 92 here the other day. It will be 85 on Easter. I love summer too, but... Texas summers are sometimes just too much. I love summers back home in the pacific northwest, where it rarely got above 85, and there were lakes and rivers and trees for shade.

    Thats a great picture. Are those bumper cars?

  2. I have teal crops!


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