Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Teachers

Yesterday, Kyla Roma (another blog I subscribe to) posted a lovely little blog about our teachers. It hit my heart in exactly the right spot & decided to stay there for a while.

So between that & wrapping my head around moving out of SouthSide (that's right... new apartment... we'll talk more about that later) I started mulling over all the lessons I've learned in the past year. There have been a LOT. My house situation was... well... less than ideal, which meant I spent a year with friends during every possible second. So here's a ode to all my wonderful teachers & the lessons of this year:

  • Tink is one of the best supporters I know, I think I've learned a lot about how to support people just by watching & enjoying her & Em's apartment as a safe haven when I needed it.

  • The Twins have taught me "it won't kill you". Even if it looks dangerous, seems weird, is too much to take... it won't kill you (most likely). Even if it comes from a dumpster & you eat it, it (probably) won't kill you.

  • Jeff gives the best advice. Period. If you ever get advice from him you should just take it, rather than my course of realizing it later & then following it.

  • Mark embodies hospitality & shows love through food. I love that about him. And I love that he offers rice & beans, or whatever he has, without being worried about being fancy. It's refreshing & I could use balance in my fancy-to-sincere ratio.

  • Jen is so hardcore & tries to make someone else take credit for it. She's never once complained that our running has held her back, although I'm sure it has. She makes it seem like a delight & is a great example of being humble.

  • Lena tells me when she needs prayer. Flat out without having to ask, she let's you know. I wish I could do that more rather than harbor & hope someone asks how I'm doing.

  • Derek & I don't agree on anything, & that teaches me way more than a lesson from someone "on the same side". He also includes people in everyday life & doesn't wait for a special event to invite people to join in.

  • My Mom continues to surprise me & I've learned she likes to play a little game called "I'll pretend I don't know the answer until you figure it out for yourself... then we'll discuss".

  • Fleegal teaches me how to be ME in the middle of always changing my mind & beliefs. It's wonderful that she can still see who "Lauren" is even when I forget. She's got my history & it helps me figure out the present.

Wow, I am one lucky student. I had to cut my list short because I'm running out of time & need to get ready for the big Seder dinner, otherwise I could add at least 10 more people to the list.  I am so far beyond blessed.

How about you, who are your teachers?

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  1. You, my dear friend, teach me
    -to try hard (its about the process not the product),
    -to be honest (that tough love, although more difficult, is often the best choice),
    -to enjoy the small things (no matter how bad a day is, if there is sun-you best enjoy it),
    -and that laughing til you cry, talking about everything and nothing, and a bowl (or two) of icecream is the perfect way to spend a day.

    much love.


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