Monday, April 5, 2010

I Love Comments

I still consider myself to be just a baby blogger trying to figure this thing out... & for the most part I don't care much about who is reading my blog or how many people, it's just something I enjoy. There is one part of being a blogger that I really REALLY do love though... (aside from the look on my friends faces when I snap a photo & announce "I'm going to blog about THIS!") ... & that's comments.

I. Love. Comments.

I love that people have something to say about something I said. It's like carrying the conversation beyond me, which I love, because I don't want to focus on me all the time. I want to focus on YOU sometimes. On what you have to say & your reactions.

The other day I was taking an eye to my blogs stats & figuring out if it meant anything when I realized the total number of comments I've received since I started this in January... & it's a lot! Ok ok, in the grand scale of bloggers it's not actually a lot, I've seen people with 1/2 my total number of comments on just one post. But it's a lot TO ME! Lots of old friend & new blog friends saying I can relate to that or some kind of encouragement or even laughing with me about a particularly embarrassing Flashback Friday. I love them all! ...& for that reason I'm doing my first ever giveaway...

Here's the game: Whoever posts my 100th comment wins the giveaway! That's it! 100th comment takes it. (no I'm not telling you how many I already have, you sneaky trickster) Make sure I can link to you or leave an email address so I can get in touch & send you the prize.

And what are we playing for, you may ask? A set of 6 greeting cards, handmade by yours truly.


  1. For the record, I enjoy reading your blog and love to comment, prize or not...but the prize wouldn't hurt :)

  2. those cards are so cute!! awesome job!

  3. Heya DEAR!

    so.. i LOVE flashback fridays. especially when i get to swivel around in my cubicle and reminisce about fashion faux pas of our youth. the gwen stefani-bindi-bun conversation last week was particularly enjoyable.

  4. I want to have that pack of awesome greeting cards! I want to have that pack of awesome cards! Those are awesome cards! Can I have it? Can I? Can I? Can I have it? I have at least 100 comments! Never at a loss for words! GRRRR. (that's 'bear' for "I want to win those cards!!)

  5. Is is possible to have a similar but different deal called "purchase Lauren's amazing cards outside any sort of contest cause Emma never wins contests and would just like those cards please"? Cause while it's specific in it's marketing, I would really be on board with it.

  6. you are too cute. so are those cards. i think we all deserve those cards. he he.

  7. heya! You're crafting skills are improving! Very impressive! So I'm just curious...if I should be the lucky one...what are the stipulations of this postage paid? Would top hand deliver? Would you hold them hostage until p visited again? Hrm...things to think about!

  8. OK are you finally getting my comments? I try ... and I enjoy the blogs...


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