Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hanging With Peeps

That's me. That's a chicken.

Any of my friends can probably tell you I'm a city girl. Oh sure I like to camp & get all wilderness-y, but there's not a farm bone in my body. Or so I thought... until I got to hang out with Justin's chicks. (ahem, his chickens... not his ladies)

I love these adorable little peeps! I think they love me too because they know I don't like to eat chicken. They are so funny to watch & still super soft because they're only a few weeks old. It's the best! I don't think I eat eggs often enough to justify having chickens of my own, & I'm pretty sure my dog would eat them, & they poop all the time... but if you look past all that they'd be such sweet little pets. Peep peep peep!


  1. You hang with the coolest peeps, yo :) When I was in the 10th grade we got to raise a chick straight from the egg to see if it would bond with us. My chick was named Binkie and eventually my mom found him a farm to live on. I'd like to think he didn't end up as someone's lunch!!!

  2. I land here to an assaultation (not a word, but should be) of cute chicks. I think we need some sort of puppy post next!


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