Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friends with Skills

I'd like to propose a toast. (so raise up that coffee mug) To Fleegal... and yet another crisis averted with her help.

Maybe crisis is too strong, but definitely grumpiness averted. It started to sneak up on me not long after I signed the lease to my new apartment. I started as "Yay, an apartment by myself! It may be small but it's enough for me!" but before I knew it I was second guessing my decision & then the grump-monster started to take hold...

"Why would I get such a tiny studio apartment? There's no good way to set this up, I'll never be able to have friends over, & it's pretty much going to look like a dorm room. UGH!!!! I'm 26 & in a dorm room. This is the worst, I'm never making a decision again!"

Enter Fleegal. My best friend just happens to be an interior designer. (jealous?) I know it's way beneath her to be arranging my little studio, especially from 3 hours away, but she whipped up some sweet looking floor plans that may have saved me from a moving-day break down. Then again, this is just kind of how we roll... whether a major life event or a mundane detail, we like to go 100%. I email power points about my pick for the bachelor & give our weekend trips names like Fleegsfest 2010, she laminates agendas for catching up & texts me pictures when she has good cleavage. That's what friendship is... caring about your living room & your cleavage.

2 days til moving day. At least I can go into this knowing I won't end up with a dorm room & can breathe easy.

The first version is my favorite, but in case something doesn't fit quite as planned I'm keeping the other 2 options in mind.


  1. It pays to have interior designers as friends. FYI...I can help arrange furniture too, and I live 30 minutes away not 3 hours. Just saying.

  2. I wish I had a friend who was an interior designer :) I'd love to see how it turns out once you are moved in!

  3. i vote for #3 (the bottom one) because i think it keeps kitchen/living area to one side and sleeping area to the other. but all looks great and I can't wait to see it live! (and you're friend is amazing, I could hit on her interior designing skills all day long - so it's probably best that I've never seen her cleavage)

  4. no need to wish to see my's probably on Lauren's phone! ha!

  5. Lauren..I wish I could keep up with these blogs every day...but instead I have to catch up once a week or every 2 weeks, but this is the first time I've seen this blog! I'm so happy that my plans brought you so much joy!!!!! And, that you do truly enjoy my cleve texts! I'll continue to send them as the ta-ta's come out!


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