Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art for Breakfast

It's that time of year again... time for Art All Night. This has got to be one of the best Pittsburgh traditions I know, & I hope it continues for years & years to come. It's a free art show than anyone can enter, anyone can go to, anything can be submitted, & you go at any hour. Usually held in some kind of warehouse, this year at the old Iron City Brewery. You're sure to run into someone you know, everyone in the city shows up eventually. It Rules.

Usually I go in the wee hours of the early morning (still night time really) but this year I fell asleep & had to go in the actual morning instead. But it turned out beautifully because I had a buddy to hang out with & the Rotary Club was cooking up a free breakfast!

There were 3 buildings full of art... gorgeous painting, instillation pieces, movies, kids artwork, the "uncensored" area (which always seems like a better idea than it ever is in reality... I'll spare you the details), mosaics, tapestries, you name it! My only issue is the "no touching" rule... I understand thousands of people running their fingers over the art would ruin it, but I struggled so badly to keep hands off. There's just something about a chunky textured oil painting, it's just you need your fingers to fully see it. But I kept them to myself like it a big girl & wandered around for as long as we could spare. I snapped pictures of the ones that stood out to me most, for your viewing pleasure...


  1. How COOL! I was up late last night working on a research paper, but would have rather been up doing something like that instead. Doing it in the morning and getting free breakfast sounds just fine to me :)

  2. nice! thanks for sharing

  3. can't believe you didn't include a picture of the 'goats chewing gum' in the montage of art work that stood out to you!

  4. There was actually one piece in the first building that had a bunch of nails pounded into some wood in a pattern and the nail heads all painted over that said "PLEASE touch"... I understand your no touching problem and that one was a joy to see (and touch).


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