Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cheese #1 - 5

It's April & I've only just started to make my new year's resolution seriously. Resolution Cheese: This is the year I learn more about (& eat more) cheese. I feel like it's an essential life skill to know your cheeses well. I got a new cheese right after new year's but I've slacked off since... until Denman & Caitlyn cracked the whip & said "Let's get serious about this!"

(Actually they said "Wanna go get some wine & cheese? You need to learn more about cheeses, right?" which is much less hostile & to which I replied "That's a great idea! Except I feel like I'm going on a date with you 2.")

So off to the grocery store we went... where they had a power outage & covered all their coolers in tarps to keep them cool. But that can't stop us, we were on a cheese mission! Under the tarps we went in search of what cheeses were in store for us.

So I'm up to 5 new cheeses. (Ok 4 new cheeses... of course I'd had Brie before but I love it so much I got it again. Maybe 3... I'd had goat cheese but not with honey. Wait, this is MY blog, 5!) Fontina, Vlaskas, Dubiner, Brie, & Goat Cheese with Honey.

I wish I could write these in depth comparisons about the flavors, but I think this is 1 situation where I don't even know what I don't know. They all tasted different & I liked them all, but I can't describe them much beyond that. Apparently I like soft cheeses because the brie & goat cheese were my favorite. The honey was an awesome addition to the goat cheese & was much sweeter than expected. The fontina was a strong flavor but we used it in a pasta dish so it stood out well. The vlaskas I think would taste really good in a sandwich... which doesn't give you ANY information, sorry. I could certainly use suggestions for what to try next, can you help me out? I'll keep you posted on my progress with Resolution Cheese.


  1. I know you've already tried goat cheese, but Trader Joe's has this goat cheese with cranberries in it - it's SO good, especially with mini-toasts! And gruyere (sp) is really good in small amounts on things like biscuits - other than that it's too strong and kinda gross. You should take a trip down to the strip to Penn Mac with Brandon and Kurt ... those 2 know cheese! (:

  2. I LOVE cheese. My hubby teases me about the cartoon Wallace and Grommit and says I'm Wallace because of how much I love cheese. I adore Fontina. I've never been too keen on Bree. I like the "inside" part but not the outside, which I once thought wasn't to be eaten until my French teacher corrected me. It's too bitter for my taste. I need to try goat cheese with honey. MMM. I think Muenster is my all time fav though.


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