Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

Hi, have we met? I love peacocks.

They make their way into every part of my life it seems. Even onto my skin, where is actually where it all started.

Me & my 2 best friends decided we needed "matching" (but not really matching) tattoos. It needed to be something beautiful, something we could all customize, something that reminds us of each other, & something completely effing fabulous.  It also needed to be something we all agreed on, which wasn't easy to come by. If I remember correctly we went through tons of ideas & almost gave up until one of us mentioned a peacock feather & the rest of us melted... turns out we all had peacock plans anyway, it was a perfect match!

Gradually something started to happen... when you spend so long scouring the internet in search of every peacock image or inspiration available you become almost an expert. And from then on peacocks were a major part of my life, my tastes, & our friendship.

Too bad execution wasn't as good as I had hoped, I'm really not satisfied with the way my feather tattoo turned out. So for the first time, after 7 tattoos, I'm getting one covered up. Tonight. Come 7pm it'll be Bye Bye, Birdie & replaced with... (drum roll please)... another peacock. lol That was a bit anticlimactic, I know. Sorry. Normally I would never EVER post a photo of any mid-section of my body (I prefer to stick with above the ribs like any girl with weight insecurities) but I feel like my back needed a memorial. The new tattoo will also cover my first ever tattoo, a little purple tramp-stamp that I picked off a wall on my 18th birthday.

So goodbye feather, goodbye flower, hellooooo beautiful new peacock!


  1. Can't wait to see the new tat! Funny thing is, if I covered my peacock feather, it would be with more peacock feathers! But I already told you that! Come show me the work soooooon!!!

  2. We all want a picture!!! post one! soon!!!!!!


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