Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 8

Tomorrow people will be celebrating, but not because it's my birthday. Once again St. Paddy's got me beat. It's sort of like how kids with December birthdays get less presents, my friends are saving all their partying for parade routes & green beer. So why fight it? Happy Weekend-Before-St.-Patrick's-Day Party Day!

I'm not Irish, but Paddy & I have had some good times...

When I turned 15 my high school band went to Ireland to march in Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Parade & these really cute (I was 15 & they had accents so of course they were really cute) guys on our plane turned out to be a singing group & gave me a little a capella Happy Birthday in the airport. I also got sung to by the seniors from the top of a castle (kind of a big deal for a freshman).

The last time I celebrated with Paddy, though, things went terribly, terribly wrong. haha Let's just say it began with a keg on a school bus at 9am... & ended with me trying to hide from my friends by dodging in a hotel lobby to try to call a cab around 1pm. Oye. That was several years ago & I haven't partied with St. Paddy since. I'll just stick to my birthday & leave the green beer & Irish whiskey to the rest of you... (not only because it's still lent so I'm still alcohol-free, but also...) it's just safer that way.

Updated: If you're a Burgh friend, we'll be dodging the bar crowd at Hookah Bookah tomorrow night for a combined Lauren / Caitlyn birthday hookah party. Yay!


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  1. I usually forget about St. Patricks Day completely, but now that I've got kids, maybe I should make green oatmeal in the morning, or pretty cupcakes or something? Hmmm

  2. sounds like you have some interesting memories!!


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