Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Email

Here's how I started my birthday morning:

I got the world's sweetest email from Amy & sometimes things are just too cute not to share. I wasn't the happiest this morning when I woke up to the sound of all the partiers around SouthSide & then got to remember "by the way, you're aging." lol A little dramatic, true, but I'm always a crank in the morning. Then I read this....
26 is a lovely age! You're old enough to be taken seriously by most, and young enough to still be envied by all! You have just enough life experience under your belt to be dangerous, but not enough to be the all-wise just yet. You get to live and learn as an intelligent and independent woman! You're the kind of person who should be in magazines - real, beautiful ... and a blogger!

Hope your day is wonderful! You can pretend that big parade downtown is for your birthday! And it's raining on your parade today so the grass and flowers can grow for you more quickly!

I actually got a little teary (we'll blame it on being half asleep). Ok, let's start this birthday with a better attitude. Thanks for the wonderful wakeup, Amy.

26... bring it!

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