Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sam's All Grown Up

Yesterday I visited Sambalam to see her new house that she & the hubby just bought & will be moving into this weekend... & it's 100% adorable (& so is she). It was so much fun to run around yelling "And this is my shed" "You have a shed!", "And this is my patio" "YOU have a PATIO!", stairs, kitchen, bedroom, garage, man-cave, etc. Then we chatted while Sam painted her kitchen an awesome deep peacock teal & I watched because I was still in work clothes. So this is the grown up life, huh?

Cue quarter-life crisis #17.

Here's what I've learned about the quarter-life crisis: it doesn't just hit once, this is a reoccurring state that sneaks up at the onset of any major changes, OR during the absence of major changes. If you're doing something big you feel like you're moving too fast, but if you're not then you feel like you're behind. It's an ugly game. Of course it probably wouldn't have hit as hard yesterday if I wasn't 3 days away from my 26th birthday... 26... aka "upper 20's". And don't try to convince me I'm still a mid-20, if you split 20 in half I'm on the upper side. Denial will only prolong my crisis.

Our conversations bounced back & forth between how awesome life is & panic. It's just silly really... we're both very happy in our current lives, so why the freak out?  I can't answer that, maybe you have more insight than me that you'd like to share (I'm all ears). All I know are a few tips to cope with the reoccurring quarter-life crisis I've been fending off since my second 21st birthday:

  • Don't compare yourself with your friends. Sam's married with a house, I'm single & living in the city... which one of us isn't on track for their 20's? We BOTH are.

  • Don't check for grey hairs

  • If you are going to check for grey hairs, get blonde highlights. It makes them much harder to find.

  • Act your age. We're not college kids, but we're not 50 either. We get to be a really fun mix... we're grown ups but we're YOUNG.  Be a homebody tonight & tomorrow shake it at 80's night.

  • Accept new lines, but moisturize anyway. (someday I'll call them wrinkles, in your 20's they're just laugh lines)

And this isn't on the subject, but in the midst of our ridiculous afternoon I met an old friend... my parents have this same exact magnet that was just left on their fridge by the previous owners! It's some of the funny towns in Amish Country back near where I grew up. hehe Those Amish must be reading Song of Solomon a little too much, if you know what I'm saying. (No? You don't know what I'm saying? Nevermind....)


  1. Add to the list: get rid of any magnifying mirrors... such self-hating implements make anyone feel a little less than they really are... (aka: stop micro-managing yo' face!)

  2. I own my own house, but when I spend time with my married friends (and especially with the married friends with children... of which there is a surprising number) I definitely feel a little behind... I have a master's, a great job, a house and an adorable dog, but I guess the bottom line is that we want to have it all... whatever the hell that is.

    Also on the list of tips to avoid total breakdown by chocolate:
    - Never listen to retro lunch hours on the radio... they're wrong, the 90s isn't retro. It isn't even old.
    - Get a really great haircut that doesn't involve parting your hair in the middle of your head. Your "lighter" hairs' root growth stays hidden better that way...

    More on my blog (which is definitely going to be linking here :-) )


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