Monday, March 15, 2010

Something's Not Right Here

I'm not a feminist. Generally speaking, feminists scare me. I've always kind of thought that if I want to live in a world where I'm treated equally as a woman,  then I need to begin by behaving in a way that is equal to a man... by being on the attack or the defense would set me apart & seems counteractive. Then if there is a situation where I'm treated in an unfair way because I'm a woman I know clearly who is in the wrong & can address it.

That being said... let's talk about boobs.

I was reading a blog from a gal who definitely IS feminist, & while I don't agree with much of what she wrote, there was this little nugget where I felt to need to yell "Preach it, sister!" Isn't that how most of life is though: even in the middle of what we believe is wrong or not truth, there's often a piece of truth somewhere at the core of it. (Don't use that 1 nugget to justify a not-entire-truth, but also don't overlook it.)

The situation she was writing about: She posted a breastfeeding photo on a facebook group about breastfeeding, but the image was blocked for being offensive. I actually agree that maybe facebook isn't a proper place for photos of boobs, whether or not a baby is attached.

The part where I 100% agree with this lady is her offense at all the fan pages & groups dedicated to boobs with graphic images that were not blocked. If breastfeeding is offensive, why aren't all displayed boobs? Like I said earlier, I don't particularly want breastfeeding photos popping up in my newsfeed, but even I can see there's something wrong with that double standard. Here's the good part:
For some silly reason, millions of women have been taught that our biggest value comes from our sexuality. Isn't that weird? Considering that women have the ability to create, birth, and sustain life, it seems awfully skewed that we would be systematically taught to believe that we are worthless unless we are beautiful and highly sexualized. ... It marginalizes the contributions of women. How shameful. How ignorant. How embarrassing.

Get it, girl! Now THAT I can stand behind. I won't promote the rest, I'll leave that to your own good reason & understanding. You can find her blogs about it here and here. My personal opinion: no boobs on facebook would be best. Take away the sexually explicit & offensive content... & also the breastfeeding which makes me just as uncomfortable.

It's only fair.... tit for tat, if you will. *takes a bow*

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