Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gazzu Headband

Let me tell you a little story about the sweetest seller ever...

Remember my dilemma about choosing only 1 or 2 hair helpers for my growing out pixie cut? As it turns out I'm a real pain in the ass. I finally chose which headband I wanted, but instead of just ordering like any normal person I sent Angie, the seller, a message asking if I could have "this" headband in the style of "that" hair tie. Only because I really love yellow & grey, it's my new favorite thing in the world & would be my wedding colors if I were to get hitched before I find a new favorite color scheme.

Angie was the most helpful little thing ever. Not only did she give me some real honest advice, that the yellow actually looked more orange in real life, but she offered to custom make me a headband, AND THEN... actually custom made 3 to give me options. How sweet was that?!

My headband came in the mail the other day! I was so excited that I had to try it on right away... & snapped a picture without checking if my outfit matched or even if I had makeup on... I had neither, clearly. Regardless, it's a super adorable headband & I'm in love. It would be really great if you checked out her shop, Gazzu, & maybe even think about giving a good home to one of the headbands that I left behind. You can check them out here & here.

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