Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness

Need help filling out those brackets? You may have picked the wrong blog. (my apologies) But every year our staff runs a March Madness pool so even though I might not have the most reliable advice on the web, I can offer the strategy I'm going with. I actually won 2 years ago, so I'm probably not the least reliable advice on the web either. Probably.

My strategy (in basketball & in life): I blindly follow Stephen Colbert

2 years ago (notice the correlation?) Colbert gave 3 pieces of advice when choosing your brackets, & I hope they still hold true today:

  1. Get rid of any teams with "Tech" in the name. Tech = nerd.

  2. Side with God. (but only as far as the sweet-16, after that he has to stay neutral)

  3. Don't pick any mascots that a human couldn't beat in a fight. We have to show our dominance over the animal kingdom.

Makes sense to me. Now I really only use these strategies as a tie-breakers when I don't know who to choose. I think Kentucky is going far so I can't rule them out just because they're Wildcats. Go with your gut... but after that, choose Colbert over stats.

That's why clearly GA Tech isn't going anywhere.  The animal rule helped me pick UNLV over Iowa, Wisconsin over Temple (badgers seem an easier defeat than an owl flying around), and Vanderbilt, an actual human, over Butler. And I'll side with the Lord's schools when it comes to Marquette vs. New Mexico & Georgetown vs. Ohio State. But I did have to make an exception for hometown pride & put Pitt before  Xavier... Lord, forgive me.

Good luck to the rest of you... choose wisely. You can see my full bracket here: 2010 March Madness Bracket

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