Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 4.1

This is a love story...

The Flashback Friday theme was Valentine's Day... but I've never really had a decent V-Day in my whole life. I've had dates & been in relationships but something always went wrong. The very best Valentine's Day D-C-D Days I've ever spent have been with these 2 ladies... together we are the F-Unit.

(D-C-D Day = Die-Cupid-Die Day)

Jr. & Sr. year in college was they heyday of F-Unit antics. Sama & Fleegal both had boyfriends at other colleges & I was going through my man-eating single girl phase so Valentine's Day didn't hold much value for us. Stupid Cupid. Hated that guy. Thus D-C-D Day was born.

In order to hold a proper D-C-D Celebration you need:

  • heart-shaped pizza

  • redbull & jager

  • "Mr. Jones" & plenty of dance space

  • the orgasm simulator computer game (Don't judge... first of all we were college kids. Secondly, it's actually a really challenging game! But... I mean... we... ok this is akward)

Talk about REAL love, we had it. We still have it by the boatloads! In the 2nd to last episode of Sex & The City, Mr. Big really sums up how F-Unit feels about eachother... he says (about Carrie) "You girls are the loves of her life, & any guy would be lucky just to come in 4th." (3rd in our case... no so bad, right?)

But D-C-D Day was one of the magical times that you know wouldn't be the same even if you tried to recreate it. It's best to just remember it for what it was... freaking sweet.


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  1. it's great that you had such close friends! definitely something i missed out on by not staying in college! sounds like you made some great memories!

  2. This makes me want to go out on a girls night. I miss doing things like that. I haven't had much of a girls night since having kids (my oldest will be 4 this summer, and calculate pregnancy into that-).

    Heart shaped pizza sounds good.


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