Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hairpin Dilemma

My hair is growing out (not that you can tell yet. It takes a while for those short layers to catch up with the rest) & pretty soon I'll be going through an awkward length... I can just feel it coming. I've had to promise myself that no matter what happens I will NOT chop it all off again. Not that I don't love my sassy short hair, but I miss my long hair every time I see an old picture. So I will have strength & determination & willpower... & a stylist that will smack some sense back into me during any time of weakness.

Still, it's better to be prepared for the awkward stage before it hits. Let's be honest, we've all seen our friends in the weird hair lengths & it's not good no matter how fabulous they are. So during a design-induced mental breakdown at work I decided to step away from the golf invitation, get something to eat, & look for a cute hairband or clip or something on Etsy.

A... as in singular... hairband or clip. Right. Next thing I knew my shopping cart was more than $100, everything is just so wonderful! So what do I do? I really honestly can't decide... will you help me? Here's what I narrowed it down to, I really should only buy one... maybe 2 max. Leave me a comment or next time we talk let me know your thoughts.

This is harder than choosing a puppy, I just want to give them all good homes.

(image linked to my Etsy favorites for more details)


  1. sigh, I know this feeling- I find myself with way more in the cart than necessary ALL the time.

  2. Oh, my God. I can't even choose and it's not even for my hair.

    Umm... umm... okay, I GUESS I'd go with the green button barette (#3). But only if a gun was pointed at my head making me choose.

  3. Hope you weren't talking about me and my hair growing out!! have gone absolutely crazy with the hair pins...but I love them all. Sorrry!!!!


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