Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Invitation for Work

You would not believe the amount of frustration one little invitation has been causing me at work. I'm not the best graphic designer & things sometimes take me longer than someone else who's more "naturally" creative; but I feel like I have decent eye for aesthetics & can usually get it to work eventually.

This invitation took me longer than I want fess up to. It was totally a process of creative destruction. aka "I hate it, I'm starting over!" It had me frustrated to the point that I had to send my interns for survival ice cream. That's bad. But all in all I think it came out really beautiful. It's too small to see the golf club-argyle detail, but trust me... it's there. Did I mention it had to combine a golf tournament with a baseball special guest? How's that for simple?

So I'm posting this just as a reminder to myself that I don't actually suck at my job & sometimes I just need to give it time.

And hey, if there are any Daddy Warbucks types out there reading my blog (totally possible, right?) if you're interested in a date a golf tournament that supports an awesome organization, you just let me know!


  1. Great job! Yay for argyle! (Good luck on your race too!)


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