Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 5

Ever hear someone joke that they dye their hair so often that they're not sure what their natural color is anymore? That actually happened to me! My whole life I've been a blonde... until I dyed it auburn, then back to blonde, then brunette again... then as the roots grew in & I figured I'd need a touchup... I didn't. What? It turns out, I'm actually a brunette in real life. The last time I was a real, honest, non-dyed brunette.....

Doesn't it look like I fit in with that family great? When I started turning blonde in a few months it was probably a shock. Clearly everyone in that photo is dark hair & dark eyes with killer tans. (It's ok to be jealous about the tans, story of my life...) I've got a whole childhood full of identity crisis stories: Mom makes adoption jokes, I used to color all my Princess coloring books to be brunettes, I hated being different than everyone else! Then I  finally owned my blondeness around 12 or so & now BAM! you're a brunette again. It's just so confusing.  But hey, in a little while I'll be dying my hair back to blonde... maybe I'll keep highlighting long enough to forget I was ever anything else again.


The real Flashback Friday theme was about pets & I didn't have any good stories... but this is my old dog Candy. She was a cockapoo & awesome. Loved that dog.


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  1. I always wished I had red hair... but... No. I always had dark brown (sometimes black looking) hair... and to change the color, I would have to do some bleaching. I did that once (over-load-of-highlights) in high school... and it totally fried my hair. I just can't bring myself to mess with it again!

    It seems kind of fun that your hair was dark - then blonde - then dark again... although as a kid, I can see your dilemma with teasing from your parents, etc. Looking forward to seeing the new blonde 'do in the near future!


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