Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 53

As I scrolled through old facebook photos wondering what kind of tales I could share with you all, I twice went past this one with a "Mmm". It was the only one that made an audible reaction, which might just be the truest test of flashback worthiness.

This is my mentor group on my 26th birthday. I know most people in the world probably aren't lucky enough to have any mentor group at all, let alone one as awesome as mine, and lately I've been really missing our get-togethers. The group started through my church & was only supposed to last a year... back then it was Sonja (far right), Sarah (middle), and me... but after it was time for the groups to end we decided against it. I guess we just weren't done with eachother. Lisa & Linda joined for a while, later Jen came on board, and I've loved having every one of those ladies... but there's just something really wonderful & special about the original 3, we've been through a lot together.

We laugh until we can't breathe, sometimes we accidentally set things on fire, we always have yummy food and plenty of wine and coffee, and we have a place to talk about things that really suck too. I guess I'm just feeling sentimental because I could really use a dose of that right about now. Luckily I don't think our group is "over", we just sometimes take breaks when life kicks in, but maybe in the fall I'll have my ladies back again.

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  1. That's awesome. I've definitely toyed with the idea of mentors. Sounds (and looks) like a really great group!

  2. How great to have a group like that!

  3. Your "family" sounds a lot like mine. Lots of laughing, the occasional random thing on fire, good food and much fun!

    This is my first time linking up with you for Flashback Friday - I'm glad to have "found" you through Tia's page! Thanks for hosting.


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