Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Visit Me!

The other week after my visit to Hershey I got to thinking... You know Pennsylvania has some pretty neat things to see. I guess I never noticed since I grew up here. And THEN I got to thinking... everyone should come visit me! So I've decided that you all should plan to take a roadtrip across PA, bring the family along, & stop by good ol' Pittsburgh to hang out with me. Ok? Ok!

I even decided to do all I can to help out by planning a little itinerary! Now you really have no excuse not to pack those bags. (ok you probably actually have lots of excuses why you can't come visit me immediately... like having a life of your own... but still, it'd be pretty fun, right?)

Start in Philly
You'll want to visit the Museum of Art... if not to tour, at least to run up the stairs while singing the "Rocky" theme song & get a photo punching the statue before you leave. That should happen before cheese steaks if you know what I'm saying.

There's lots for the history buffs... Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, & you're not far from Gettysburg or Valley Forge.

King of Prussia Mall is one of those crazy mega-malls that you need a map for & is filled with designers that make me feel intimidated to even walk by... I think of it more like a circus sideshow, but some people love it. And if you need a night out after spending thousands in Gucci, Philly's got that too.

For the kids there's the Franklin Institute which is a wonderland of science & the home of my annual school field trips. And not far from there is the Crayola factory too.

Stop to visit the Amish. It may sound weird, but trust me on this one. You'll never eat so good in your whole life & they sell some sweet wares. I personally recommend finding a toy shop in Amish Country, my parents still own some that we bought decades ago & they're awesome. And you older kids can laugh at the funny town names... Virginville, Intercourse, Bird In Hand, Blue Ball... he he he.

Hershey. It's all you need to know. The park will take up at LEAST a day on its own, & you have to spend some time at Chocolate World too... it's free & wonderful. And how about a chocolate spa, anyone?

The Burgh
Obviously first order of business is visiting me. We can squeel & jump & down together.

Next, I hope you like rivers... because we've got 3 of 'em. The Gateway Clipper is a fleet of tour boats & a nice way to get to know the city. We've got museums out the whazoo... Children Museum, Science Center, The Warhol, at least 3 Carnegie's (it's hard to keep them all straight), and more that I haven't even seen for myself yet.

Not too far of a drive & you can see Falling Water... you know that Frank Lloyd Wright house. I didn't grow up around here & even I knew what it was, so I figured you would too.

And even more than rivers, what we really do best is Sports. And there will always be at least 1 team in season. Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, take your pick

And that's just the start...
I can even list all you could see if you veered away from the main cities. The Poconos have their own world going on. And you could go see Lake Erie, I hear it's great. (get it? a great lake? har har) Lots of space for outdoor adventure activities...

It's a good state. It took me a while to realize it, but now that I did I want my bloggy buds to know too. AND VISIT ME!!!

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