Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Colors + Walking the Line

The mornings are chilly again, the kiddies are all back in school, & college freshmen are stumbling around grocery stores like baby deer learning to walk... it must be almost fall!

I've recently made a goal for myself: this fall I'm going to learn how to walk the line of put-together-casual. As a person who thinks they understand clothing pretty well this probably seems like an unexpected problem, but I'm noticing that I've segmented myself into 2 categories: Business Lauren, & Staying-In Lauren. Now that I'm in an office where I can wear jeans it's a problem. So prepare yourself, this probably won't be the last time I throw photos of myself on here for documentation.

Today I went for color combos that said "Hey, I'm a 27 year old professional, yet I like to kick it causal." How'd I do?

Coral * Navy * Moss

I forsee a Goodwill shopping spree in my future. Look out, colorful cardigans, you're in my sights. Maybe I'll even give one last try to the elusive skinny jeans. Eeek! Now I'm just talking crazy. Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Cute! Love the shoes! And bravo of you for trying skinny jeans. There's no way those would work for me at. all.

  2. I never think of myself as fashionable, but I think if I have a fashion M.O. at all, it would be what you called "put together casual"-- in pretty much any situation except running, hiking, etc. So for the little it may be worth, I think the outfit rocks!


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