Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Craft Hope: Project 14

This post comes coupled with a confession: I want to spread the word on something I don't have the energy to do myself. There it is out in the open... but there's no reason why I can't use this blog to just pass on a good idea even if I'm not heading up some crazy rally. So that's what this is, sharing the love in case someone else wants to pitch in on their own.

Craft Hope has another wonderful project going on: Christmas in Dixie

Christmas in Dixie is going to be passing out boxes full of Christmas cheer to people who have been effected by this summer's tornadoes & have lost all those precious family keepsakes on top of everything else. They'll be providing lights & ornaments & such to help people rebuild emotionally in additional to the physical & practical rebuilding... sometimes losing those precious family mementos are the hardest to bare. And all Craft Hope is asking for on our part is the stockings.

So if you have some time & want to give a little hand-crafted love I totally recommend it. You can go to their website for all the details, whether you're making one or hundreds, and mail them in by September 23rd.


  1. These Xmas stockings are so darling! :)

    The Cat Hag
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  2. That's such a great thing they're doing! I'm so not crafty but every now and then I whip up a little sumthin sumthin, so we'll see! Thanks for sharing :)


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