Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Urban Oasis

I have a dream to someday own a townhouse in the city, 3 stories high, brightly painted, coordinating shutters, pocket doors, & a rooftop deck where I can drink in the middle of the day & have a vegetable garden.

I'm currently pretty far from that dream, but I'm in training.

See when I first moved into my apartment, the previous tenants & friends of mine had to make one promise to me... that they wouldn't begrudge me when their whole garden died. I have the furthest thing from a green thumb & the garden I inherited was planted by Mother Nature herself. Seriously when I moved in all the neighbors stopped over to say hi & to make sure I was going to keep the garden, it's like a community landmark. So it's time that this girl learns a thing or 2 about working with the earth.

Here's what I've learned so far from my training...
  1. Things that have spikes, grow from under the sidewalk, & strangle other plants are definitely weeds.
  2. Bushes need no assistance. I like bushes. We're friends.
  3. A few accessories in bright colors go a long way.
  4. Even a so-so garden from a very inexperienced gardener turns brick into a little oasis.

And for the first time EVER... I have a fresh bouquet from my garden!

So I'm figuring it out. And someday when I have that dream house I won't have to start from scratch because I'll have all these years of gardening experience. Next year: Mission Veggies.

Hey green-thumbed friends, any words of wisdom?


  1. I am still trying to figure out the whole garden thing too. Luckily enough the builders gave me some fool proof knockout roses and a crab apple tree. Oh and Icie loves your "fwowers"! She just leaned over my shoulder and said, "Ooohhh pretty fwowers, you like it mommy? I like it da fwowers!"


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